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Mare Island Naval Shipyard (MINSY), lLocated in the San Francisco Bay Area at Vallejo, California was very important in our country's history. For over 142 years, our country's defense depended on Mare Island Navy Yard as well as over 100 organizations which were in operation there over the years

The Mare Island Historic Park Foundation's master plan is to recover as much of that history, plus the operating character of the shipyard, as possible and make it available to scholars and other interested individuals and groups. Our educational and museum projects aim to represent many of these activities in a meaningful and living way. In addition, Mare Island ships are brought in, so visitors from all over the world can see the end product of these labors.

The American people have the right to be proud of the accomplishments of our Navy, and Mare Island. The shipyard was the home of over a hundred "firsts" in its 142 years of operation. Our newest citizens and future generations will have an opportunity to see and hear about what went on inside this s s former top-secret base. The work of over 200,000 people who "made it happen" will be preserved and put on display.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Web site and look forward to your "non-virtual" visit to Mare Island, sometime real soon!

Mare Island Cemetery

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Aerial View of Mare Island waterfront