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Various ships information:
Find out more about the history of these ships, associated with Mare Island.

SSBN 658 Mariano G. Vallejo
See the control panel (complete with operating periscope!) as it's being reconstructed in historic Building 46.
Be sure to check back here and www.saveoursail.com for updates on the SSBN 658 sail's move to a permanent home on Mare Island! Be sure to visit the SSBN 658 Crew Member's Web Port site, which lists some 1,092 registered shipmates.

USS Olympia
Information about the “Olympia Fund” and efforts to bring the Olympia back home to San Francisco Bay Area here.

USS LCS (L) (3) 102
Now berthed at MINSY! See photos of LCS 102 here and at the Mighty Midgets site. Read a story about LCS 102 by SF Chronicle writer, Carl Nolte.

USS Olympia in Dry Dock #1, Mare Island

USS LCS 102 in transport

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USS Mariano G. Vallejo launched from Mare Island, 1965

USS LCS 102 now on Mare Island!

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