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Workshops and Educational Opportunities:
CLICK! on the links below for information about Ham Radio Technology, Photography (done on Mare Island), and other educational offerings.

In addition to the programs listed below, the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation routinely hosts various school groups for tours of Mare Island. Visit this link for more information about how your group can prepare for such an event.

Amateur (Ham) Radio Classes
Learn more about our classes in this rewarding and useful hobby here.

The 2009/2010 Robotics Class
Currently training in the Basics and adding controls to the Museum's robotic base. Basic electronics and mechanics taught; use of computer and radio control explained and operated. Using test equipment and soldering taught. Call 707/557 0662 for info.

Night Photography on Mare Island
In these Workshops, hosted by The Nocturnes, you will learn to properly compose/expose film and digital cameras for beautiful results, as we explore the historic sites of Mare Island Naval Shipyard (MINSy) - just follow this link

Crane, Mare Island (Night Photos ©Tim Baskerville)

Building #153, USS Tripoli, Mare Island

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Graphic Courtesy of ARRL

Powerplant with Tree, Mare Island